FlashPoint WeekendsEdit

FlashPoint Weekends will be a whole weekend dedicated to doing FlashPoint Missions so guild members can level up, gain credits, recieve better equipment, and rank up thier social level. FlashPoint Weekends will be done all weekend with the guild members.


  1. Guild members should get equipment that is used for thier class, if the armor can be used for your character then roll on the item. If you cannot use the item or its too low of a level for you to use don't role on it.
  2. Guild members should do FlashPoint Missions with guild members that are in your level range, and do missions that are set for your rank.
  3. Guild members should be coopperate in the FlashPoint groups and listen to one another.
  4. If no one needs on gear, but the gear works with a set they're working on for roleplay, they can need on the gear. Note: ONLY IF NO ONE NEEDS ON IT

Role Playing WeekendsEdit

Role Playing Weekends will be a whole weekend dedicated to Role Playing. Guild members should participate in Role Playing Weekends because the guild is a roleplaying guild.


  1. Refer to Rules Page.